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Membership Types

Flag Membership

Shall be boat owners, or non boat owners, desiring the privilege of holding office.

Family Membership:

The spouse of a flag member having equal rights to attend meetings, hold office (after one year of membership), vote, take part in all discussions, and formulate policy.

Associate A    Membership:

Non-boat owners.  They shall have all the privileges of the club, but may not vote or hold office.

Associate B    Membership:

This category is for a person wishing membership in the TYC that has a boat but either “trailers” the boat or stores it at another location.  Associate (B) Members receive the same benefits and limitations of an Associate (A)  Member with the addition of the following benefits:
     1. No Work Requirements
     2. Member Discounts on Fuel


2023 – 2024 Membership Fees

Dues By Type Processing Fee Annual Fee
Associate-A $100 $80
Associate – B $100 $200
Flag $100 $325
Family $100 $375
Seasonal Mooring and Dockage  
Item Fee Comments
Dockage $55.00/ft.  
Initial Electric Fee $75.00 1st Year on Dock
Dock Electric $50.00 Annually – All Vessels on Dock
Additional Electrical Connection $1.00 per day When Available – 7 Day Minimum 
Mooring Fee $500.00 minimum Additional $5 for every foot above 25′
Mooring Setup $100  First Year Only
Per Night Mooring and Dockage  
Item Fee Comments
Member Per Night Dockage $1.00/ft. Please sign up on sheet in club.
Member Per Night Mooring $5.00/Night  
Transient Per Night Dockage $1.50/ft.  Please sign up on sheet in club
Transient Per Night Mooring $10.00/Night  
Miscellaneous Fees    
Item Fee  
Seasonal Dinghy Fee $25  
Annual Locker Fee $15  
Clubhouse Rental – Member $185  Includes Bar.  (If no bar total is $110)
Clubhouse Rental – Non Member $300  Includes Bar  
Additional Bartender Fee (Per bartender) $75  
A non-refundable Deposit of $75 for all Hall Rentals if cancelled 14 days prior to the party/event